Are you having trouble securing an auto loan due to bad credit history? Whitehall Auto Sales, a Make A Payment used car dealer in Pennsylvania, understands your struggle, and we are here to help you. Our in-house financing solution not only gets you the car you want but can also help you rebuild your credit score.

Why Go for Make A Payment in Whitehall Auto Sales?

When banks and other subprime lenders have turned you down due to bad credit, our Make A Payment financing option is the place to go. Here in Whitehall Auto Sales, we believe in second chances. Just because you have poor or no credit does not mean you are a terrible customer.

As you secure your vehicle with our Make A Payment plan here in Whitehall Auto Sales, you are approved for an auto loan directly from our used car dealership. Since you are paying straight to our dealership, we will report your on-time payments to the correct agencies, which can help you rebuild your credit score. A win-win situation! You get a new-to-you car, and you get to boost your credit history.

The expert finance team in our use car dealership ensures that you do not just walk out of our lot, but you DRIVE out with a smile on your face.

A Quality Pre-owned Vehicle is Yours, Regardless of Credit Score

Whitehall Auto Sales’ reliable Make A Payment plan here in Pennsylvania ensures that you only hear the word “Yes” when applying for a car loan. We want to be the dealership that gave you a second chance. We promise you we will not disappoint.

To start your journey with Whitehall Auto Sales today, click the button below to apply for Make A Payment financing. If you wish to speak with one of our representatives, you can call us at (610) 439-0662. You can also visit our dealership at 3012 Macarthur Rd., Whitehall, PA 18052.